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Entrepreneurs & SME Business Leaders / Directors

We help you maximise your sales potential

Our mission is helping you : define your product or service - develop strategic marketing tools and plans - increase customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty.

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SME Leaders / Directors

To build and maintain a relationship with your customers...

    We offer to :
  • Create and optimize your customer service
  • Reduce process delays regarding quotations, invoices, orders, etc.
  • Identify customers who add more value
  • Listen to your customers to help increase loyalty
  • Develop your customer loyalty program
  • Follow your main customers' activities
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DAVPRO, your Customer Relationship Specialist

The perfect solution to grow your sales

Discover our books and 'how to' collection, and also our various training programms


Discovery Trainings
 Thematic training

limited to 15 people

Practical training

limited to 10 people

Formations e-learning


formations découvertes Formations thématiques elearning, business marketing
Information awareness to the theme addressed. Presenting the approach may or may not be followed by exercise or case study. Ideal to find solutions to your situation and benefit from the experience of other participants on your case Many videos, examples and exercises to train you for complete autonomy


The courses are specially designed to ensure maximum results. The approach is methodical, playful and very effective. It allows you to access various tools and methods, enabling you to grow your business appropriately at unbeatable prices.

Post these workshops, you can stop there or continue with the board or supplementary services.

Practical workshops take place in small groups (maximum 10 participants). They promote: group cohesion, knowledge sharing and rich content… Enriching your knowledge about reflection and proposals from other participants.

If you are interested in any one of these courses, see current promotional training or download our catalogue.

These courses can also take place on your premises. If interested, contact us at: contact AT

Possible locations for these workshops: Grenoble, Meylan

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