Sales Action Plan

Introduction to the Sales Action Plan

The sales action plan follows the marketing plan, it is the operational translation of the strategy outlined in the marketing plan. It contains the field actions to achieve goals.

The sales action plan should be as detailed as possible so that when run you do not have to ask any questions at any point. This is how you will recognize a good plan of sales actions.


What we will find in a sales action plan?

The sales action plan is organized into three parts:

  • The first relates to the strategic aspect that recalls the strategic direction, transforming strategic objectives into sales objectives.
  • The second part is based on the marketing plan to define the different segments as well as actions or other communication to be performed for each of them.
  • The third is oriented more towards the implementation of actions in terms of means. At this point you go up to the development of the stock planning. You detail every action for failing to ask questions during the implementation.


Advantages and benefits of the sales action plan

  • Reposition your offering to better meet the market
  • Detect new opportunities
  • Have full operational document, it suffices to follow to succeed.

 When do you have a sales action plan?

Do you know your sales actions to be realized next month?


DAVPRO helps you:

  • Prepare the different phases of your sales action plan
  • Set your plan in action

Discover our advisory services, support and training to prepare your sales action plan. Then you simply need to follow the plan to achieve your goals.

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