Sales Maintenance

Introduction to Sales Maintenance


The sales maintenance answers the question on how to implement your customer relationships, conduct maintenance and convince the target audience that my product is the best.

Before this meeting, you have definitely won an appointment. This can be achieved by recommendation or by prospecting. Consider that you have chosen prospecting. If you have already prospected, you realize that you have to cross the different stages before arriving at your touch. And yet, at this stage, you still have to convince your target more than ever and show that you have something interesting that deserves time. For the following, assume that you have had your meeting.

At the time of the meeting, the best way to ensure a clear and convincing presence remains the preparation. You must define a maintenance process (milestones), prepare your presentation, pitch... The approach of the sales maintenance is simple to understand, the difficulties lie in its implementation.


Understanding the process of sales maintenance:

This process consists of several phases: preparation, maintenance, monitoring.

In the first phase is the preparation you do for your meeting, the pitch, how to present it, how to conduct your meeting? How to collect the information you need...

The day of the meeting you pull down some variants near the main stages of your preparation course while adapting to the caller. The goal during this meeting is to show that you are the person in charge since you bring the SOLUTION. And your solution is relevant, you must understand the needs of your partner, address concerns in the area that are yours and for which you can act.


When to prepare for your meeting?

The sales maintenance must be prepared as soon as your offer is ready and you know that you will begin marketing. The more time you take in advance, the better will be your benefits. Moreover, you can anticipate it in the following cases:

  • Your approach towards the sales maintenance stage,
  • You are wondering how to conduct a business meeting,
  • You are only trying to innovate during your meeting...


DAVPRO helps you:

  • Prepare for telephone prospecting (script preparation, the conduct training ...)
  • Prepare your trade talks (the three female hares and training)

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