Customer Portfolio Management

Introduction to customer portfolio management


The client portfolio consists of a set of customers through a sale. The latter is responsible for the management of the portfolio and thus the development of sales with customers in this portfolio.

To do this, the company should create, develop and maintain relationships with clients in its portfolio. It must at any moment maintain, improve and retain all its customers in order to create a strong relationship, increase business arrangement made with them, and so its turnover.

With the help of marketing, some targets will be prioritized and will benefit from a loyalty program. This action will result in increasing the value of customer capital. Thus, relationship marketing, also called one-to-one marketing is getting increasingly important in a company that emphasizes customer portfolio management, and this role falls under the purview of sales, but with the help of marketing, in order to answer to customer needs.


Customer Portfolio Management

The management of the customer portfolio is based on a customer relationship policy that puts the customer at the center in a customer-oriented strategy.

Customer portfolio management must focus on two areas: the first is to understand the customer so as to collect more information. In this case, customer knowledge is the starting point. The second focuses on the customer portfolio to deliver a more precise offer that meets the needs of each client.

Portfolio management is also intended to adapt supply to better meet the needs of the clients. Thus the external and internal analysis are in place to create an offer that satisfies customers and lives up to their expectations.

Moreover, it is important to segment the customer portfolio, as each customer will not have the same needs or desires. Also, do not forget to communicate and stay in touch with each client.

In conclusion, the company with its marketing division must organize and manage the customer portfolio segmentation and have constant communication in order to customize the offer closer to the needs of its customers.


When should you manage your customer portfolio?

You need to manage your customer portfolio when you:

  • have a large customer turnover
  • need to better manage your customers
  • are in a very competitive environment
  • do not have the time to follow your customers


DAVPPRO helps you:

  • Analyze your customer portfolio tools.
  • Develop your client portfolio.
  • Identify the different profiles of your customers and take the necessary decisions to increase your revenue.
  • Define and implement your customer loyalty program.


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