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Product introduction from a marketing perspective

The product represents a physical product or service and is also a chargeable feature. This fundamental element of your customer relationship is an excuse to get in touch with your target audience. It represents a part of your expertise that you offer, and in this sense it is the backbone of your entire strategy. For this reason, the product should be designed to reflect the solution you bring, show the problems you solve for your customers, how you can help...

The product must also please you so that you are sure to offer the best of yourself. You must love your product, be sure and convinced by the solution you offer to want to continue against all odds. When you have multiple products and you expect to succeed in the market, they should be in synergy with each other to provide a single comprehensive solution. The element of your product that highlights this differentiation is the unique selling proposition or unique proposition value. It also specifies why your target audience will not find this element other than you. Define a product that integrates all aspects listed above and your offers in detail.


When defining your product or service offering?

You have an idea… But we all know that just having an idea will not help and you will need to work on the idea further and define the product. So you start thinking about creating a product. It is at this point that you have to ideate and define your product. If you are already in business, you will have to introduce and launch new products to meet the ongoing and changing needs of your customers: it is the adaptation of the product.

In case the need is fundamentally different you will have to redefine your products. There is also a possibility that it may be difficult to market a product and you cannot find the expected success in the market. You should immediately think of redefining in this case. Here are some simple questions that can help you identify the need to define your product or service: Am I clear in my thought about my product or service? Can I say what needs does my product fulfil? What brand promise am I delivering to my clients through this?


Why define a product?

The product or service is a good or service sold by a company. Through its product, the company is committed to a promise made to his client that it must at least meet. The promise is to meet a need and which the consumer is willing to pay for. So set your offers of product or service to:

  • Identify the deepest expectations of your target if you do not know them yet
  • Include in your offer answers to your customers' expectations
  • Identify the differentiating features of your offer (single value proposition / sale)
  • Believe in your solution, be confident and have the features to convince
  • Confirm your leadership and defend your offer knowingly.


DAVPRO helps you:

  • Establish your product
  • Find your unique value proposition / Sales
  • Present your product or service offering

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