Effective Communication

Introduction to effective communication


Effective communication is communication that ensures a rapid return on investment. To do this, it is necessary to choose the means of relevant communications and prepare your messages effectively.

All entrepreneurs and business leaders agree that communication is very important. But few really know the optimum use any media to grow their business, or how to communicate economically.

Do you know that the most appropriate means of communication for your business development depends on your product, your customers, your means...?

When taking into account all these parameters, selecting your communication tools allows you to have effective communication channels that ensure your results.

As the above suggests, the means of communication are necessary but for good communication, you also need a relevant message that speaks directly to your target.


Why choose your media carefully?

To become known, build an image, present your activities, convince your customers ... you must communicate. At the same time, communication is expensive and yet you cannot do without it when you sell your products.

In this case, taking the precaution to choose your means of communication with relevance, allows you to grow your business quickly. Indeed, you multiply your communication, you are present on all fronts and you can reach your target audience more easily.

Good communication is one that multiplies the media while being relevant. You must prepare your communication plan and define your communication MIX and messages.


Why prepare a relevant message?

  • The message is relevant if it knows how to contact the target audience and deliver the answers to their questions.
  • The message must also reassure the target audience that the company understands their problem and intends to respond seriously. In other words, it should reassure and build confidence.
  • When you choose your means of communication.


The goal of communication is to inform and to persuade your target audience.... Therefore, communication occurs once you have set your targets and your messages. However, where:

  • you are lost among all the shares of existing communication
  • you do not know the most effective means of communication to easily reach your target audience
  • your communication efforts are vain; or
  • you are in full consideration of the means of communication you need and choose the message


DAVPRO helps you:

  • Identify your good communication,
  • Prepare your messages according to the means of communication chosen
  • Set your communication plan for the period of a year.

Discover our advisory services, support and training to develop and deploy your communication plan.

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