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At DAVPRO, we are passionately committed to serving our customers. Over the years, DAVPRO has worked with clients across various industries. We could go on and on but sometimes it’s best to let our clients do the talking. Below you will find testimonials from a select few of our customers that wished to share their experiences with us. These are just a small sample.

What our clients are saying about us:

Coaching for acquiring customers - conquering clients

1- I have overcome my vis-à-vis reluctance of the commercial aspect of my activity: I understand that this is a relationship centered on customer needs which I try to bring betterment be by my skills.

Isabelle R.

2- Today I am able to talk about my work with much more ease and having a speech tailored to the person to whom I address.

3- I have clarified the targets with which I want to work and my specific contributions for each of them

Isabelle R.

Feedback after a training

- Glad to have discovered the training offered by DAVPRO, which allows me to put my problematic launch of my new product and think about how to set up and especially to redefine it. Thank you for this work.

Dahlia F.

Feedback related to pratical training

- The games developed require to ask the right questions and provide answers: it is concrete. I particularly enjoyed the individual debriefing at the end of the training. I am ready to sign up for other workshops.

Olivier F

- Informative and fun training.

A. B.

- Good Practice: concrete, diverse and complete.

Bernard B.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and good humor.


- Strong action: professional and pleasant. Useful to have reframe notions and ideas.


Training in commercial approach

Thank you for this disturbing development, stripping, structuring! The ball is in our hands.

Isabelle R.

Training in commercial approach

I'm not quite ready in my product and in my head but you gave me the first pulse and guided my permiers have, I would not have done without DAVPRO. Thank you all pure heart practice.

Annick A.


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Atteindre objectif commerciaux  Succeed in all your plans, attain your goals todays !



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