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20 years of experience in marketing, sales management, administration service sales and customer service, allows us to find effective and unique solutions for your business.

Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders… You are Unique

Your experience, your background, your culture... make you unique. This uniqueness permeates your skills and that brings a unique response in areas that are your specialty. Becoming aware of this uniqueness is your route to determine your offer and highlight, reinforce your value proposition and your credibility.

Bring a unique solution to your customers

Every entrepreneur starts in business because he has the expertise which can help him provide a solution to others. Even if you think you offer the same things as your competitors, there is definitely something you do differently and that is your brand. Do you know what the difference is? Does it show up in your communication?

Together highlight your uniqueness

Independent Contractors

DAVPRO is with you in all the phases of conquering your customers, you will first identify your value proposition or unique sales proposition, you define your product, make your marketing strategy and your sales action plan. Post which you will prepare your prospecting script and your approach to sales maintenance. And finally you will make sure you build the customer relationship.

SME Directors and Leaders

DAVPRO helps you to launch your products: marketing plans, business plans, actions and then create your sales administration service or customer service to develop your sales while remaining attentive to your customers.

To create and develop the relationship with your customers

Acquiring customers is good but retaining them is even better. Research has proved that it is five times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain existing customers. It is for this reason that after the acquisition phase, DAVPRO offers to create the development and maintenance phases of the customer relationship. Every customer is unique and you need to build a lasting relationship with them.

DAVPRO offers you their experience to help you find your customers, better meet their expectations and initiate the loyalty process.

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