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Our belief is that independent and small businesses also need a viable and profitable direction. This is why we work alongside the directors of these companies to help them in their business management.

We are guided by our values which are at the heart of everything we do at DAVPRO: Reliability, Customer Satisfaction, and Privacy.



At DAVPRO, we are responsible, trustworthy and dependable in all that we do as we follow through on our commitment to our clients. We achieve this by providing reliable end-to-end customer solutions.


Customer Satisfaction

At DAVPRO, customer satisfaction is a priority as we believe in putting the needs of clients first and creating long-lasting customer value. We strive to understand our customers so that we can help them achieve their goals.



At DAVPRO, we understand that confidentiality is a critical part of your business. Discretion and honesty form the basis of our relationship with our customers and is at the core of everything we do.

We want to help entrepreneurs and SME directors through a customer-relationship approach to find and retain customers, to better grow their business and thus their overall business. They should be able to create an image of large companies which themselves have a marketable service and administration or sales.

We also work alongside professionals who require administrative tasks related to customer relationships, or foreign companies who need commercial management and/ or local sales administration.

Our goal and our commitment is to help you achieve your goals by controlling the pre-sales and after sales manager, which will help expand your business. We assist you so that you can effectively canvas and target your customers, know your customers better and increase customer satisfaction to build loyalty. We also work towards improving your business processes in your organization as well as in customer relations.

And all this is done in complete confidence.


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