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We have the know-how from various and varied experiences in technical and business management. This experience covers both the project management (electronic and computer), as well as marketing, management of administrative services and commercial sales, and the establishment of information systems (customer relationship management software and basic data).



Our mastery in strategic marketing and its techniques and tools help you search for information on your market so that you can better understand and choose your targets, meet their needs and satisfy them. The originality of the relational approach is to put the customer at the center of your business. So preparing your sales approach in time gets you closer to your customers and at the same time saves money, time and energy.


Sales Management

The sales approach follows the marketing plan and is the translation of it. As an active participant in your business development, DAVPRO advises, supports and trains you to transform your marketing plan into a sales action plan which will quickly convert your prospects into customers.


Creating Service Administration of Sales (ADV) or Customer Service

In a relational approach, everything begins once the customer has made the first purchase - the prospect becomes a client by that action. It will be necessary to consolidate the relationship created now as the relationship development process will start this point by trying to know the customer better and ensuring satisfaction to increase sales. So, why not co-develop with him?


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