Marketing and Sales Diagnostics

Introduction to diagnostics: Marketing and Sales

A business diagnosis is important for every company, even when your business is doing well. It is important to measure your business performance at regular intervals, to help guide your actions and drive sales.

The diagnosis can take place at two levels: Sales and Marketing

In marketing, the diagnosis highlights the balance between supply and demand in the market. When your business undertakes any sales oriented activity it is essential to analyze your practices and compare them with customer expectations to improve and increase your business performance.

Both marketing and business diagnostics are performed on a regular basis as the markets are very competitive these days. The most successful companies today are those who understand the environment in which they operate in and the expectations of their customers. They do not hesitate to prepare, adapt and make every effort to achieve their goals.

The items to be checked during a diagnosis: Marketing and Sales

Marketing Diagnostics

Marketing diagnosis is done to understand your market, identify the needs of your target audience and to respond appropriately; that is to say, build your offer based on the results of your analysis. In customer relations, marketing diagnosis is centred on six topics which are:

Product, Customer, Relationship, Communication, Pricing, Development Potential of your business


  • Product: The pillar of your customer relationships, this diagnosis identifies relevant weaknesses. According to the results, you may have to redefine the plan and put it into action immediately or in the short-medium and long term.
  • Customer: Are your prospects the right ones? The customer diagnosis highlights the relevance of the choice of your target audience and your knowledge of them.
  • Relational: The effective customer relationship relational features that you must provide your customers. Nowadays, it is no longer sufficient to make a one-time sale, you must set up a relationship to establish a strong bond with your customers.
  • Communication: Is your concept ready? How do you communicate with your target? The communication diagnosis reveals how you should communicate to maximize your results.
  • Development potential: This allows you to assess your market potential and estimate your ability to capture market share. It's even better if you know your potential market. With the developmental potential diagnosis, now you know how to gain market share.

 A combination of all these diagnoses reframe and guide your actions to ensure optimum results.


Sales Diagnostics

Based on the observation of your current practices the sales diagnosis allows you to propose improvements to achieve the set objectives. It therefore requires the following steps:

  • Observation of your practices: organization, process and tools
  • Listening to your customers
  • Recommendations and Implementation

When should you perform a sales diagnostic?


Perform your diagnosis when you want to:

  • Take a step back from your business strategy
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your approach
  • Define actions that ensure your results
  • Develop a new sales process and increase your sales
  • Detecting a new opportunity: a new offer, a new product, a new service...


DAVPRO helps you:

  • Convey your business around the six diagnostic categories defined above,
  • Identify new opportunities and adapt your offers

Discover our guidance, support and training to identify your market positioning on time, adapt and manage your business effectively.

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