Monitor and Measure Your Actions

Introduction to monitoring and measuring your actions

Whether for the creation, development and maintenance of your customer relationships, monitoring and measuring your actions is of critical importance. They allow you to detect deviations in time and make adjustments accordingly.

Every business has to build strong customer relationships for growth and to increase turnover. It is important to put appropriate monitoring indicators in place to measure your sales performance and other business activities. This will help you to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with your customers, and you will be able to respond to their demands in time to ensure their satisfaction.

You will also have to listen to your customers and conduct satisfaction surveys on a regular basis, whatever the stage of your customer relationship.


Why track your activity?

  • Monitoring and measurement of your actions
  • Set objectives for your different services or for yourself, with the will to achieve them.
  • Motivation tools for your staff, ensuring maximum results.
  • Your sales dashboards.
  • Listen to your customers, measure their satisfaction and loyalty.


DAVPRO helps you:

  • Prepare performance indicators to accelerate sales
  • Identify and correct trends to achieve your goals more easily.
  • Give visibility to your customers with activity reports.


Do you know that implementing dashboards gives you the means to achieve your objectives?

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