Optimising the sales process

Introduction to the Sales Cycle


In any normal company process, there is the issue of quotations, order processing and issuance of invoices.

To speed up this phase of the sales cycle, the company needs to know quickly when to issue quotations, track and process orders received, issue invoices and do follow-ups too.

A delay in any of those documents results in the lengthening of the collections process and therefore a need for more or less working capital according to your activity. For example: you take two to three weeks to issue an estimate, as much to process an order or issue an invoice. The payment should have happened a month ago but will now be shifted. In the meanwhile you will still have to face your deadlines. And if this happens and you have sufficient funds in your kitty, you will not be penalized for it. Otherwise, these delays can be very harmful for your business.


At what point do you cut your deadlines?

  • The timing is revealed when you are in one of the following situations:
  • Your estimates release limits or bills are long (over a week).
  • You want to free up more time from your business to spend more time with your customers.
  • Your technical staff prepares quotes themselves, they could devote that same time to production, which penalizes productivity currently.
  • Your customers often complain about your long delays
  • You want to devote more time to the management of your company


Why reduce your deadlines?

Reducing your time has double the advantages:

  • For your business: reduce your time because you can quickly collect the funds and be free from your financial constraints.
  • To ensure the satisfaction of your customers: they will appreciate your quick response and remain committed and loyal to you.


DAVPRO helps you:

Analyze and optimize your quotation issuance process, order processing and transmission and payment of your invoices. We offer customized solutions for you and your customers. We explain the process in detail if necessary. We also adapt your communication materials to your customer concerns.

Do you know that reducing estimates release deadlines, order processing and invoice issues can:

  • Get you to win new customers?
  • To allow you to improve your productivity and customer loyalty?


So do not hesitate to get in touch today! Complete this form to request a personalized study, or send us an email at contact AT davpro.fr

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