No matter who you are... An entrepreneur looking to start your own business or any small and medium enterprise looking to increase your sales; DAVPRO offers a full range of business development services that facilitate business growth and give you a competitive advantage.

Whether you are seeking an effective marketing or sales action plan, launch new products and services, acquire new customers, or simply diagnose your current business situation, we will work with you to devise innovative approaches to achieve your service and product objectives.

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Our services cover two areas of business development: Customer Acquisition and Sales Management. Have a look at the services we offer, and let's talk.

1 Customer Acquisition - Acquiring new customers

This includes the entire preparation process until you make your first sale. We offer you the techniques to effectively build a relationship between you and your customer.

You will find everything about your product here: from its development, to its launch: defining the product, product launch, product portfolio management and much more.

Once your product is ready, the next step is to go to the marketing strategy - marketing plan and / or business plan, and then creating value through customer portfolio management...

Your marketing plan will then be translated into a sales action plan, based on which you will also prepare your communication actions – you will need to be careful as this is effective communication. You will also be preparing your engaging sales conversations simultaneously.

The process described above is suitable for start-ups or independent entrepreneurs who are just starting their business. For a company that is already operational, this process will be defined after completing a detailed business diagnosis.

2 The management of your sales

This aims both your customers' satisfaction and their loyalty towards the the growth in your sales.

As in any process, satisfaction and loyalty are not spontaneous. They are the result of a long process that we invite you to put in place from the beginning, if you are looking at establishing a long term relationship with your client. Whatever your activity, you must first have a marketable database before forming the customer  relationship.

TPE leaders and SME business directors in the service industry or managing customer service departments in any industry need to have more sensitivity. This will help in reducing your quotation deadlines, controlling bills, creating a sales administration service and much more.

DAVPRO advise you, supports you and trains you in the implementation of all these processes.

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