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Your customer acquisition depends on how effectively your organization is able to build a comprehensive relationship with the customer.

 Win customers, find clients or create a relationship with customers, are three different interpretations that express the same need: how to find clients ?

Finding client - Creating customer relationship

This concerns you if you want to :

  • Start your business or launch a new product.
  • Now meet your business goals.
  • Reclaim a lost customer.
  • Set your goals, identify your customers and conquer them.


DAVPRO advises you, supports you, and/ or shapes you individually according to your needs, your customer conquest approach to meet your expectations. So you can act on your weaknesses, strengthen your strengths to achieve your goals more easily.

Under this section you will find all about the product, object of your customer relations: its definition (product definition) at launch (product launch). Once you have defined your product simply and clearly. You go to marketing analysis and strategy which leads to the operational part of which effective communication. Your targets are well informed, it remains for you to prepare your sales maintenance to convert them into customers.

Do you know that being prepared in your sales approach ensures your success and ensures control of your committed resources?

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