Marketing plan

Introduction to Marketing Plan

The marketing plan is a step sequence that leads to marketing objectives and setting actions to achieve them. Nowadays, it is necessary to have a marketing plan to keep your position in the markets that are increasingly dynamic. Thus, you are forearmed when you have a marketing plan to handle the market vagaries and sales uncertainties.

Why to prepare your marketing plan?

Designing your marketing plan requires you to understand your market, recognize your position in the market based on the promise you make to your customers and answers that you are able to bring.

The marketing plan is divided in two parts, a strategic long-term aim and the other a more operational tactic called short-term aims.

In the first part, you set your goals which can be sales targets, profit return on investment, or cost reduction.


The steps of the marketing plan:

The marketing plan can be classified into five stages depending on whether you already have a marketing plan or not.

  • Overall objectives of the company: It starts with the company's mission to achieve set objectives.
  • Diagnosis (internal and external to the company): This phase is also called the analysis phase. It includes a marketing audit, understanding of the market situation and the SWOT analysis. The goal here is to concretely define the solution proposed by your company to its customers.
  • Defining objectives and strategies: It concerns the objectives and marketing strategy and the definition of expected goals. It is important to identify several plans to bounce off all circumstances.
  • Plans: In this part, you study the feasibility of all that has been planned. Prepare the marketing communication MIX. What are the means necessary for the implementation of the actions identified to achieve the set objectives?
  • Testing and validation: It is always better to incorporate a phase of testing and validation, and check that you have taken into account all the elements of the marketing audit.


Difficulty developing the marketing plan

Whether you have already prepared a marketing plan or not, you realize, in the development of yours that this is a long task (requires preparation time) and dedication. In addition to ensuring the effectiveness of your plan, you do not have to develop it alone. Even in large companies, the marketing plan is developed by many. DAVPRO therefore offers its services to make it easy for you.


DAVPRO helps you:

  • Develop your marketing plan: the reproduction in the drafting of the plan,
  • Review your marketing plan,

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