Product Portfolio Management

Introduction to product portfolio management

The product portfolio represents all products sold by a company. Often companies start with one, two or even three products. With time, and to better respond to customers, new products make their appearances in the portfolio.

After a while all your products are no longer competitive due to market dynamics. In addition, it could be that you have opted for diversification: development of a new product from a different field of activity other than that of your main activity.


Managing your portfolio

Managing your portfolio is to organize or streamline your products to boost your sales. To do this, you have two options:

  • Make an inventory of your products and analyze your market to determine the value added products to promote priority. This assumes you also analyze your margins, market demand, etc.
  • The second solution is based on the first and in addition, is the synergy between your products. This helps to define and implement the additional sales system and you still expand sales faster at the same time. At DAVPRO, we prefer the second option.


When should you do product portfolio management?

  • Your customers do not buy all your products
  • You need to focus on the most profitable products
  • You do not know which of your products will ensure your future growth and profits


Why manage your product portfolio?

  • focus on the right products, the right projects and use the resources and budgets efficiently
  • to create as much value as possible for the customer
  • optimize the product development process and be effective


DAVPPRO helps clients:

  • Reduce the setting within your products.
  • Analyze your products and retain only profitable products for your development.
  • Find a synergy between your products.
  • Use processes and tools to increase performance when developing the product.
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