Service Offerings

Under this section, we present the various service offerings and our approach.



The DAVPRO terms define how we intend to work with you and for you.

We have a wide range of different service offerings available to suit your business requirements. You can also make an appointment on our website for consultation.

All our services are conducted according to the DAVPRO approach described in this section. You will find a step by step approach on how we can work together. It is possible that sometimes there will be a different organization that better meet your needs, in which case, DAVPRO makes sure to inform you before the beginning of our assignment.

Our greatest pleasure remains to adapt to your situation. So do not hesitate to send us your specific cases, so that together we find the right formula for you.


Choice of services at your premises:

  • Support in your customer conquest duration and variable frequency, depending on your need.
  • Strategic analysis and/ or management of your customer portfolio: how often and according to your need
  • Defining your customer loyalty program
  • Your customer service/ sales administration (ADV) in part-time: to stagger the delivery time for you.
  • Increasing your customer service/ sales administration (ADV): duration for your needs.
  • Audit your customer service/ sales administration (ADV) and advice.
  • Support in the development of the customer partnership.
  • Coaching/ training and support for your business in managing customer relations and your customer service/ ADV staff.
  • Our thematic and practical workshops are conducted in small groups of 6 or 8 individuals maximum.


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