The diagnosis can detect weaknesses of your marketing approach. Identified earlier in the process it helps you act on the essential parameters of your customer relationships. Recall the six important parameters of the approach customer relationship:

Items Description Starting diagnosis

 Product or Service

 It is the pillar of the relationship

 for it is because of it that customer relationship exist. Read more about Product /Service Diagnosis

 Product diagnosis

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 Important component. Failed to determine price,

 it causes the end of your activity.

 Well fixed, it will make you know success. Read more about Price Diangosis

 Price diagnosis

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 Helps to use the most effective means of communication

 to reach your targets and save time and money. Read more about Communication Diagnosis

 Communication diagnosis

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 Helps to know your target customers and

 clients to better meet their expectations. Read more about Customer Diagnosisp

 Customers diagnosis

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 Need to know which best relational set up for

 for  appropriately respond to your target.  Read more about Customer Connection Diagnosis

 Customer Connection Diagnosis

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 Potentiel activity

 No activity can grow on a restrein market.

 Evaluate your market before jumping to sales. Read more about Business Development Diagnosis

Business development diagnosis

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To have a better result, we advise you to take all of them for your product or service. In case you have many products or services, just focus on only one product or service.


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