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Business Leaders… DAVPRO can help you in your sales approach.

You already have a customer portfolio, a product portfolio and a customer service or sales administration. We help you grow your revenue by identifying your current key customers and those prospects who will be your future customers and then setting your products to their requirements after having precisely identified their expectations and your added value for them. Finally, we help set up a loyalty program for customer retention.

At the launch of a new product or service, we can also help you prepare for all the phases to ensure product success in the market. To do this, an initial diagnosis will be offered. It reveals how to better use your resources (customer portfolio, product portfolio and customer service) to find growth.

For example: Increase your active customers, set up an additional sales system, renew or adapt your products to better meet customer expectations. Ensuring customer retention through effective customer service satisfaction. Building a customer relationship with value-added customers.

Optimize your business, define tools for business....

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